Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Next Time Your Boss Tells You to Clean Up

Several weeks, or maybe months ago (yeesh, we've been here a long time already!) I had the privilege of visiting "the other" prosthetics clinic in La Paz. This clinic is in a fascinating old building and truly is the most memorable clinic I have ever seen. If was founded many decades ago by a German who shipped EVERYTHING OttoBock over on a big ship. The amount of money spent on machinery and fabrication equipment, let alone the shipping costs to get it here, would have been astronomical. I'm sure in its beginnings it would have been quite a beautiful place. The interesting thing is that it appears nothing has changed during the decades that passed, I mean nothing. No desks have been cleared, no corners swept, no walls washed, no squeaky hinges oiled, no clocks wound back up....this place is one-of-a-kind. 

Next time your boss tells you to clean up the plaster room, just remember this one, and tell her it can wait :)
This clinic is different than the one I work at, in that each patient who goes here must pay for their prosthesis. Due to the high cost of prosthetic components and the low income of most Bolivians, this is usually unattainable. Centro de Miembros Artificiales, where I volunteer, is able to provide prostheses for low cost, or no cost.

The prosthetists here were really keen guys and will likely join us for a few of my teaching sessions in the coming months.

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