Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fun with Plastic

 We've been really busy at the Center and realizing you can do everything with 3mm and 5mm Copoly plastic :)
Patellar tendon bearing prosthesis for a terrible chopart amputation with a chronic ulcer on the distal end.

 Clam shell design allows for donning of the prosthesis. Otherwise the patient's ankle is too large to pass through the smaller proximal circumference.

Flexible AFO to provide medial-lateral ankle stability for a patient with a longitudinal partial foot amputation.
 "Stove-pipe" design prosthesis for Symes amputation. This is the right foot of the same patient using the AFO shown above, on his left foot.

We'll be doing a hip prosthesis in the near future and many "normal" trans-tibials and trans-femorals.

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  1. Can't help but think of how grateful the amputees must be for these! Great job Duane :)